Executive Officer – Radhika Canchipuram                                                          

The Executive Officer role is to provide strategic leadership to create, evolve and implement strategies for the future success, growth and competitiveness of the organisation. Has the overall responsibility to provide direction, co-ordination and efficient management of the organisation ensuring the highest standards of service to the community.  Reports to the Management Committee.


Food Safety Coordinator –  Thien (Bill) Pham                                                     

Manages the kitchen operations ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and guidelines. Assists in the development of the food delivery service according to the needs of clients


Administrative Assistant                                                       

The Administrative Assistant provides general administrative support to the service, provides information to clients including processing referrals ensuring service delivery that meets the client needs. Coordinates volunteer program by supporting the volunteers in their day-to-day tasks.

Head Cook – Nahren Nissan

Cook – Nahreen Benyamin, Nahrein Marano

Kitchen Assistant – Franssie Chidiag, Jodie Baker, Casual Staff